2 Buck Chuck

Different nationalities , different backgrounds , different influences are what combine to make the music of 2 Buck Chuck as fresh and interesting as the city of Amsterdam in which the band was born.

2 Buck Chuck have a sound that recalls the Classic Rock and early Heavy Metal of the 70's combined with genre defining music of the early 90's. Many comment of the influences they hear in the bands music, but few can point to just one indicating that 2 Buck Chuck have achieved a sound of their own. The remit is simple:

‘Grooving hard rock and metal that appeals to the audience on first listen and remains essential over time’

2 Buck Chuck are music fans first and foremost and want to appeal to audiences everywhere in the same way that their heroes connect with them. Their music is accessible, catchy and easy to get into and their performance is lively, entertaining and interactive. They display a keen knowledge and understanding of their roots but package it together in a way that is relevant in today's market without being gimmicky. If you yearn for a time when bands were bands and it was all about the music, then 2 Buck Chuck is a band for you.